Beryl - One of our longest serving Guardians

Offering everything from a 24/7 contact in case of emergency, to becoming part of our CIFA Family. We will regularly keep in touch with the student, and parents to see if there is anything we can do to help. We strive to go beyond just ticking a box.
Not just the ordinary. Hand picked unique host family experiences to further enhance your loved ones time in the UK. All chosen by us and DBS security cleared. Activities on offer, as well as a comfortable place to continue study and revise.
We are one happy family. All of our Guardians regularly speak with our students, send gifts, celebrate special occasions and act as a family away from home. Our students are all treated like individuals.
Although the risks of COVID in the UK have subsided somewhat, we still understand the risks and implications. All of our host families and drivers are educated by us with the facts, and how to manage during these times. All students will be kept extra safe in our care at all times during their stay.
Most schools will not allow an overseas student to register for their place in school without an appointed Guardian. Emergency cover is essential for any service relating to the well-being of International Students. Who we feel should be carefully selected for this very reason. If an emergency took place, the Guardian is available 24 hours a day to act on your, the parents, behalf.
You will be appointed a named Guardian. This Guardian will be carefully selected, fully safeguarding trained, fully security checked and whom will get to know the student and be available when they need them.
There are no legal responsibilities, these still are with the parent. But informed decisions can be made on the behalf of the parent in what is known as loco parentis – in place of the parent until the parent can confirm – a Guardian is always trusted to act in the best interests of the student at the time when a situation arises, but will always seek advice from the parents where possible.