Child protection and safety.

 Child protection is an essential factor to consider when choosing a football academy. The club should have a robust safeguarding policy, including guidelines on preventing bullying and harassment, racism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination. The club should also have a clear approach to reporting incidents of abuse or suspected abuse to the relevant authorities.

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How do I get my son into a football academy is a question that almost every parent of a footballer will have. The quality of football academies is improving all the time allowing players to focus on their studies whilst also completing a full football development program at the same time. Sending your child to a football academy can be intimidating and there can be so many options that it might be hard to decide how, and where to take your child, to give them the best experience possible.
After 30 years in the professional game at the top level and have seen many players make it to the top but also the thousands that don’t make it. We understand the importance of education and focusing on life outside of football as much as football itself.
What We Do

Keep things simple.  Sometimes it is easy to get carried away thinking about tactics, fancy skills and copying what top professional players do. The most critical lesson we can give you here is to KEEP IT SIMPLE & FOCUS ON THE BASICS!!

Learning the basics of any sport is essential because it gives you a solid foundation to build later. Even top professional footballers within their football training will have a section of the practice focused purely on “core skills”, the fundamentals of passing, receiving, dribbling & shooting.

Improve Fitness.  What you need to do is improve your child’s fitness. To play football, one needs to be fit, and one needs to have stamina and strength. If your child lacks these qualities, they will not make a good player. You must ensure they are fit before entering academies or programs. We have a comprehensive Football Fitness program at CIFA with tailored sessions.
Focus on your football mindset.  Confidence, self-belief, motivation, performing under pressure & goal setting so you have a clear direction and path every single training session are all huge, huge attributes that can make or break players. From our experience, this is an area that young players don’t give enough attention to, and it can be such a huge point of difference if you do give it time to develop and improve.