Your educational journey will start with one of our approved educational partners.

They are one of only nine HMC schools in Norfolk and Suffolk and offer day, flexi, weekly and full boarding. School is the start of the learning journey and we hope you will see that Langley offers a wide range of opportunities for your child to excel in a plethora of spheres. We look forward to walking with you on this journey.

In years 10 and 11 you will also study a range of subjects. Some subjects are compulsory: Mathematics, English, Science and one Modern Foreign Language (French, German, Latin or Spanish) but others are for you to decide.

A Sixth Form education is designed to stimulate and challenge in equal measure. We want our Sixth Formers to be intellectually curious, to articulate and defend their opinions, and to work both collaboratively and independently.

We also want our sixth formers to establish great habits, which they will take forward for the rest of their lives: Independent study skills Engagement with healthy pursuits Lifelong love of learning Making social connections our Sixth Form pupils enjoy a wide array of extracurricular and extra-mural pursuits.

The range is vast from trampolining and dodge ball, through to swimming and cookery skills, to the Duke of Edinborough awards.