A typical bedroom in our approved accommodation

As exciting as it is to move away from your home and begin a transformative educational journey abroad, the truth is that it needs a lot of prep, planning and asking around.

Upon arrival, you will find that one of the main concerns of international students in countries like the UK is finding the right accommodation. We have a vast selection of approved accommodations for you to make a home from home. 

We offer very comfortable, homestay accommadation for our student, ensuring they are well looked after and considered part of the family during their stay.

What type of accommodation is a homestay?

Homestay accommodation is when a student lives with an approved local family, and is considered a member of the family for the duration of their stay.

When you stay in a homestay you experience something that you won't in other forms of accommodation, not only do you meet the local people…you get to live with them too. It's a way to live in a destination, not just visit it. 

Living in one of our homestay accommodations is a great way for you to settle in and make new friends. Homestays are run by a local family and they allocate one or two of their rooms.

They are great for a cross-cultural living experience. You get a furnished room at the host’s house, properly arranged meals, and all utilities.

Our homestay accommodations have all been checked and vetted by the academy and in most instances they are friends or family of the coaches and owners.
The location of the homestays is perfect for exploring all that Norwich has to offer and very close to the training ground and schools.